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UNIversal SPLIT (spike sorting)

Unisplit is a part of Unitret package, but it may be downloaded and used as stand-alone program.
Please go to Unitret page for full Unitret download.

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Unisplit software is a program for spike sorting. It is written mostly in MATLAB, but it also uses compiled C klt.exe for Karhunen-Loeve transform. It uses PCA and fuzzy k-means clustering for sorting and assigning shapes to different neurons.

Revision & Update History

version 3.2.1 revision 10.04.04

  • fseek bugs in MATLAB 6.5 patched
version 3.2 revision 28.03.03
  • MATLAB PCA (princomp.m) method added
version 3.1 revision 12.12.02
  • Automatic and semi-automatic mode added
  • ...


  • MATLAB 5.x or 6.x
  • Windows? (probably can easily ported to other platforms, but I tried only X-Windows, few years ago...)
  • Data in the appropriate format (or it should be converted to it)
  • Igtools toolbox (included in stand-alone Unisplit installation)



Please refer to the online user's guide for detailed instructions on getting started and for an explanation of Unisplit functions.

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