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Unitret software is a versatile package for neurophysiological data analysis. It is written mostly in MATLAB (with addition of several compiled *.exe and *.dll binaries). Older versions were compatible with MATLAB versions 4.x and 5.x, but recent versions run under MATLAB 5.x and 6.x only (4.x is no longer supported).


  • A wide range of methods for analyzing, displaying, exporting, and organizing spike and eye movements data.
  • Completely GUI based and menu-driven.
  • Manual data selection with mouse.
  • Automatic saccades and blinks detection.
  • Automatic data selection based on stimulus parameters and eye movement records.
  • High level commands for batch processing, analysis and export.
  • Exports data to *.MAT, ASCII or Excel.
  • Includes JPSTH software (multiunit analysis) and Unisplit - spike shapes sorting application based on PCA algorithm.
  • Supports BrainWare software (TDT).
  • Context-sensitive HTML Help.
  • Modular code, easily given to modifications and customizations (once code structure and logic is understood).
  • Can be freely downloaded, distributed, modified and extended.
  • ... and much more (see online HTML help).

See some screenshots.


  • MATLAB 5.x or 6.x
  • Windows? (probably can easily ported to other platforms, but I tried only X-Windows, few years ago...)
  • Data in the appropriate format (or it should be converted to it)
  • Igtools toolbox (included in Unitret installation)