Visual Neuroscience System

For experiments with alert and behaving monkeys

New Wiki-based documentation system

The system is designed for visual neurophysiological experiments with alert and behaving monkeys. The hardware core of the system is VSG2/3F visual stimulator (Cambridge Research Systems), TDT system II and 3 hardware (Tucker-Davis Technologies) and field coil eyetracker (Remmel Labs). The system is running on two PCs: master (Maxlab1) and slave (Maxlab2). The master PC is connected to XBus of the TDT system II via the AP2 ISA board and optical cables. The slave computer contains VSG2/3F board which is connected to VSG breakout box. The visual stimuli monitor is CRT Sony 500-PS (run at 600x800@160Hz), connected to VSG in via EIZO monitor with infinite impedance termination setting (the EIZO monitor is for experimenters to see the stimuli).

Technical descriptions and block diagrams

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See also Unitret (trial retrieval and analysis package) page.