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(All resources are compatible with both Netscape Navigator JavaScript and Internet Explorer JScript, unless stated otherwise)

Book2Tree - Bookmarks to FolderTree Converter Book2Tree converts Netscape Bookmarks file to a "Windows Explorer-like" FolderTree JavaScript (actually very similar to what you see when you go to Netscape's Bookmarks - Edit Bookmarks…). The generated script, ready to use in a Web page, produces very nice, multi-level BookmarkTree dynamic structure. The script works with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. Very useful utility for those, who publishes large bookmark databases on their site, and wants to update it frequently.

Some useful scripts:

Multiple Drop Down Menu
Please go to the main page to see demonstration.
Instructions can be found in the mddmenu.js.

Site search engine
Please use Search function to see the demonstration
(click frames on in the corner if you do not see the Header panel with Search button) OR go here for the example (including code) that uses two frames: the top frame and a results frame.
Javascript-based search engine includes two scripts. Searchdb.js is a website database and can be filled manually or using searchdb.m (Matlab function). Script that performs actual search of the database and generates Search Results page on-fly is incorporated in the Header.html code. Look for SEARCH SITE SCRIPT ... END OF SEARCH SITE SCRIPT marks in the Header.html code.

Dynamic (generated on-fly) pop-up window
Assume there is a need to display many pop-up windows with different content (e.g. images). A simple way to generate them on-fly is to use openwindow.js that contains a single function openwin(pagebody, w, h) that takes three input parameters: page content, width and height. Press here for demonstration.