Book2Tree - Bookmarks to Tree Converter for Matlab

   Version 1.0 | 27 February, 2000
   (for full version of Book2Tree, that includes both Matlab and .exe files, please go to main Book2Tree page)

Short Description:     Book2Tree (further abbreviated as B23) converts Netscape Bookmarks file to the "Windows Explorer-like" Tree JavaScript (actually very similar to what you see when you go to Netscape's Bookmarks - Edit Bookmarks…). Then this script can be used in a Web page to produce very nice, multi-level dynamic BookmarkTree. The script works with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.
   B23 can be very useful for those who have large bookmark database and want to display it on the Web, to reach it from anywhere and/or share with others.
   B23 generates the file "bookmarktree.js", which should be used with FolderTree v2.0 javascript, written by Marcelino Martins . The infrastructure code for the tree (ftiens4.js) was slightly modified by me to incorporate "non-http" URLs (like ftp, gopher, or local file).
   Please, see the running example of BookmarkTree. When you click a bookmark for the first time, it will be opened in a new window, and all subsequent bookmarks will use the same window.
Requirements:    Netscape Bookmarks file
(usually bookmark.htm, located in Your Profile folder - …\Program Files\Netscape\Users\YourProfileName).
If you use IE you can easily convert Your Favorites using one of the NN-IE bookmark converters (for example bmconv27.exe ).

   IE or NN - JavaScript enabled

   Matlab 5.x

Installation: 1. Download (downloaded from this page times)

2. Open it (it will create default Book2TreeMatlab folder)

Contents: Book2TreeMatlab folder should contain:

book2tree.m - mfile for book2tree Matlab help (type "help book2tree in Matlab Command Window)
book2tree.dll - Matlab mex file

bookmarktree.js - example JavaScript source code, defining the content of the BookmarkTree
ftiens4.js - JavaScript source code, defining the engine of the tree - by Marcelino Martins
ftie4style.css - Style sheet, can be used to change the BookmarkTree look
BookmarkTreeExample.html - running example of the BookmarkTree
Example_bookmark.htm - original Netscape bookmark file, used in BookmarkTreeExample.html
+ 12 ftv*.gif files - icons for the tree

    Instructions and Help
Book2TreeMatlab.html - Instructions and help for running and installing Book2Tree - this file :)
FTv2instructions.html - Original instructions for FolderTree v.2.0 by Marcelino Martins

Instructions: 1. Generate "bookmarktree.js"

In Matlab command window, change to Your Book2TreeMatlab folder
Type: book2tree('bookmark.htm' , 'YourName')
Be sure not to forget quotes.
(You should copy your bookmark file to Book2Tree folder, or use full path name)

You shall see following messages:
Book2Tree version 1.0 converter
by Igor Kagan,
Processing bookmarks, please wait...
File "bookmarktree.js" was generated successfully
582 bookmark(s) in 61 folder(s) were added
Please, follow Book2Tree installation instructions in Book2Tree.html

2. Open BookmarkTreeExample.html to display Your BookmarkTree.

If Your bookmarks file is large, please, be patient and wait while browser reads it -once it loaded, it works very fast. If you have really large bookmarks database, IE may display message saying:

"The script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

The message is issued because the Tree is fully expanded at the start up. Press "No", the Tree will collapse and continue to run normally after short delay.

Customizations: In principle, You do not have to edit anything – You can use file BookmarkTreeExample.html in Your Web Site as it is.
However, You may wish to change its name, or appearance. Here are some possible customizations:

1) Change the name of BookmarkTreeExample.html

2) Change the name of "bookmarktree.js" (for example you may want to create different versions of Your bookmarks). In this case, be sure you changed name of the script on BookTreeExample.html (or corresponding file):
...Execution of the code that actually builds the specific tree ...
script src= "bookmarktree.js"

3) Customize BookmarkTreeExample.html

4) Change icon images (ftv2*.gif) to customize the look of the tree

If you have any questions, comments, or bug reports, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Igor Kagan

   Copyright © 2000, Igor Kagan. | Readme | BookmarkTree Example | Book2Tree Article (in Russian)

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